Project Management

Effective Project Management is key to the success of any project: knowing exactly what the Client wants and ensuring that all parties are co-ordinated effectively to ensure these objectives are achieved.

As part of their Project Management services, ONP can:

  • Identify the key project requirements and deliverables, including required resource and associated timescales
  • Develop a management plan for the project covering all pre and post contract activities
  • Identify and manage all risks associated with the project, whilst maintaining safety and project quality
  • Monitor progress against the management plan for all pre and post contract activities
  • Provide an effective change control procedure, to manage and understand their associated risk, time and cost implications
  • Maintain effective communications with all stakeholders and the project team
  • Manage the project budget

Offering leadership and a single point of contact for co-ordination and communication, O’Neil and Partners are flexible and adaptable, tailoring our service to suit the requirements of every individual Client and project.

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